DOZ Issue 30 April 2018 - Page 11

a series of testimonies of mystical visions of Our Lady. Whether or not you believe in these events, Fatima is certainly a fascinating place that deserves to be visited. Exploring the Sintra Valley, dotted with original palaces, princely residences, and colorful castles that the Portuguese nobility has built over the centuries, the Sintra Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has enchanted poets and romantic travelers over time. Going for a hike at the Azores is a mind-blowing experience to marvel at nature and its beauties. The remote archipelago of the Azores consists of 9 inhabited and 8 uninhabited islands, all of the volcanic origin, located in the Atlantic Ocean at 1403 kilometers from the coasts of Portugal and 880 kilometers from Madeira. Try to reserve some extra time, at least a couple of days, exploring this wonderfully unique place. Try some local food and, most of all, Portuguese wine to fully immerse DOZ Magazine April 2018 11 «