DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 5

Table of Contents 07 The Agony of the Woman Oppressed 09 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Mary Kay Ash 11 It Is Not Too Late to Achieve Your Dreams 12 Where to Go and What to Do: Cyprus 14 Love, Courtship and Marriage Marital Metaphor 16 DOZ That Inspire You At age four, Mary Alison Momoh was fascinated and captivated by the choir singing in a makeshift church across the street from her house and fancied herself a singer. Today, she is living her dream. 28 Grace and Beauty How to Make Custom Body Scrub 30 32 Home Sweet Home March Into Spring! Your Body is a Temple Glutton 34 DOZ Chronicles: Lara DOZ Magazine March 2018 5 «