DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 37

feel comfortable with that, but the Lord said, “Let have you been?” He shook hands with me quickly her go with you.” So, I let her. I tried not to let and before I could answer he was turning to Nike her distract me from my purpose of going to see who was now grinning ear to ear. Reverend Femi, but I did notice that she made an “Hello, my sister.” He greeted Nike. Obviously, he effort to look good. As we journeyed, I tried to pray had forgotten her name, which was good. “How silently, but it was tough with her sitting are you?” He enquired. next to me in the backseat and That was all he needed to say. talking non-stop about how Nike opened her mouth and she was looking forward to out of it came a dozen showing herself to the testimonies. She spoke Reverend following of how God healed her healing. I couldn’t her after he came to be silent again, so I Ibadan to pray for turned to look her her, how she knew in the eye. the cancer was “Nike, the Reverend completely gone “Why can’t I do the things you do, sweetheart?” did not heal you, because according I asked. “You need to explain to me because God God did. He was to the doctor’s tells you a lot of things so perhaps He’s told you only an instrument report she should this as well.” used by God.” And I be dead now, but relapsed into silence. she was alive and Thankfully, she did getting stronger too. each day, more so, the As we entered his cancer symptoms were ministry’s headquarters in disappearing. I looked on Ikeja, I started to feel slightly as he listened to her with great uncomfortable. I did not know how interest and patience, all the time his he would react when he saw me and I had not hands were on his waist, and he was nodding called him to let him know I was coming. My his head and smiling. When she was done, he PA had spoken to his PA though, and I received reached out with one hand to touch her forehead. assurance before setting out that he was in town “It is permanent in Jesus name.” He declared. and would be in the office at the time I planned to That was it. Nike was slain in the Holy Ghost and arrive. fell to the floor at his feet. I expected him to pick His PA was on hand to receive me and the reception her up, but instead, he turned to me. I got put me at ease. If he didn’t want to see me, “Come, let’s talk.” surely, his PA would have turned me back. Nike As he whisked me into his office through the and I were taken to his private guest lounge that adjoining door, I looked over my shoulder to adjoined his office and offered refreshments, but we where Nike lay on the soft carpet, fast asleep. both declined and possibly for different reasons. I “Don’t worry; she’ll be fine. Let her sleep.” He said. don’t know what her reason was as I didn’t ask her. As we entered his office, I became nervous again as Fortunately, we did not have to wait long before I realised I did not know how to begin to say what I Reverend Femi entered the room. I am not sure had to say. As I opened my mouth, no words came if it was the presence of God that entered with out, so I closed it again. I tried to speak a second him or the fact that we were both nervous, and time but stuttered. He noticed the difficulty I was for different reasons, but I do know that we both having, and he walked to me and took my hands jumped to our feet. I couldn’t look him in the eye, in his. so I looked everywhere but at him. “Have you come to say yes?” He asked, looking me “Hello Lara, I am pleased to see you again. How in the eye. DOZ Magazine March 2018 37 «