DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 36

of marriage. I will give you time to consider, and felt God’s presence. I declined a few invitations to when you decide you want to do God’s will, you minister. I was a complete mess. know where to find me.” Finally, the Lord had mercy on me and began to Before I could open my mouth to speak, he was deal with me on my inability to forgive, malice, gone, and my Monday was ruined. I couldn’t bitterness, anger, and pride. He opened my eyes to go to the office, so I called in and cancelled all see a few sin issues in my life that I had been blind appointments and then went to bed to cry. I to. He told me I had behaved just like Nike. After thought it was so unfair that God would prosper Mum died Nike wanted me to suffer, she refused to him and then want to give me to him as a wife after forgive, and the Lord said that had caused cancer in the way he humiliated me. I was acting foolishly her body. He warned that if I did not learn to forgive and childishly, so God left me alone and did not offences, I would soon end up in the same condition speak to me that day. Nike had been when I saw her that Sunday evening Later that afternoon, something amazing happened. after the healing service. He demanded to know Nike woke up and got out of bed without any what I had done to deserve the kindness Aunty assistance. She also took a bath herself and came Bose had shown me, and the position He had now downstairs to eat. It was a miracle, and I said as given me in my family. I was the rejected stone but much. I remembered Reverend’s 48-hour miracle had become the headstone, and everyone did as I prophecy. It was 48 hours since he prophesied and said. Although I was the last born, because of God’s Nike was already doing things she couldn’t do good hand, I had moved into the position before. She was thrilled, and as we ate of the firstborn. a late lunch before the departure When the Lord was done of Tola and her husband, speaking, I broke down Nike talked about how and wept like a baby. I marvellous Reverend cried long and hard Femi was and how she as I repented of had felt the power of each sin especially God surge through that of trying to I tried to pray silently, but it was tough with her sitting her when he laid take His place as next to me in the backseat and talking non-stop about hands on her earlier a righteous judge how she was looking forward to showing herself to the that day. She made in the lives of Reverend following her healing. I couldn’t be silent no mention of the others—instead of again, so I turned to look her in the eye. prayer I had said and dealing with my what effect it had. She went on to say she thought it would be a good idea if she went to Reverend’s church in Lagos to see him and share her testimony of healing. I got up abruptly as I had heard enough, and I excused myself. I did not show my face again until the taxi I had booked to take Tola, and her husband, to Lagos, arrived. The next three weeks that followed were the worst ones of my life. Nike began to flourish, but I began to dry up. I became unnecessarily short-tempered and began to snap at everyone. My prayer time was reduced to a mere religious ritual, and I no longer « 36 DOZ Magazine March 2018 sin issues. When I had repented, He made it very clear that I would have to go to Lagos to see Reverend Femi to ask his forgiveness and give him an answer to his proposal. “If you will not marry my servant, do not waste his time any further. Let him know, and I will replace you with another who is better than you.” He concluded. That made me fly into action, and I called my PA and asked her to arrange a taxi to take me to Lagos. Nike insisted on coming with me to see Reverend and thank him for his prayers. I did not