DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 35

If it is any consolation to you, He used all over his face; I had completely that experience to make me a lost him. He had no clue what better man. For years, I felt I was on about. I was ready for marriage, “How typical,” I thought, but the Lord said I with a shake of the wasn’t because of that head. incident and He “Oh, I see, you do continued to drive not remember, me and stretch me that doesn’t I will give you time to consider, and when you decide to become better. surprise me at all. you want to do God’s will, you know where to find me.” As soon as I set However, I, Lara, Before I could open my mouth to speak, he was gone, and eyes on you in Port the object of your my Monday was ruined Harcourt, He told ridicule, will me you were my never forget.” I wife and explained finished, stressing that He had kept us every word in my away from each other statement. until I changed. What He He quickly recovered didn’t tell me though is that from the initial shock of you were the same woman I my unexpected outburst. had asked to be removed from the “What are you talking about, church service all those years ago.” Lara? What ridicule? Have I ever He moved closer and took my hand in his, as his ridiculed you?” eyes held mine. “Yes!” I snapped angrily and went on to tell him “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you, my entire story. Lara? I will give anything to have done things He had met my sisters, I had told him about differently but I can’t. I can only assure you that our family reunion, but it was time to tel Ф&WGFW"BfRRBvFWfW'FrBrRFFVBFג'WfW'FrVǒ76&RFRR( Ч6VFrRvg&FR6W&6FRPBFv&V6W6R2WW26BBvBBFV6FVBF6VVVg&FR'&WF&Vv2F&&WGvVVGvF2'BbPvVf6VB7VrR7VFFVǒVB6vFVBF6W2&V6W6RƖVBFRǐWW7FVBfV&VBRvVB72WBRFF( B6rv2FR'&B6FV6RƖVBFF( @'WBRFBG&FFRV&W7B6"B'W'0rbfVB'WBƖVB&VfW"VB2G2fVBvBFBVƖv&R&6V"v2FW&W7FV@f"FRWB֖WFR"GvRFF( B7VFSR'WBFW"'BbRvFVBF6RW7BWBWGFW&rVFW"2'&VF&V6W6R&VƗ6VBBvVBW'BBvFV@( גvB( R6BBfW"BfW"BfW"FW'BVVBגBvBGW&V@7B2V6ǒ2RG&VBFFR6"ג&6Fv&BFF( BVVBRFFVRVVB6VbFvWFW"B7FBF2fVWBRג7FW'B'WB66RBF6&RG226WG2rRVB66V@&W6fVBBvfR7vW"Wr6V@B&RƖRFRB6RFrFR7@6W2'WBFF( B&V6W6RvFVBF6VRЧ6F2ইW'BvFVBFv2VW2B&Vr( &BvrFW7FgvBFBFR'7W'&6vǒvWfW"RFBB6rv2VrGW&RBWW&V6V@( &vB7V2FR( R6BgFW"p2f"27F&6&RvW2vBFBv2w&r6V6R( ĆRFBRFBR&RגvfR6B6''RFBRvfBBW VFW'7FBFBvfVFR6&7V7F6W2VFW V'BFf&vfRRfV( Bf&vGFVB&V6W6Pv6vRWBRfBB&BF66WBג&6FR&BFVBvFRf"rFRgFW'v&BDvR&6#3R *