DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 32

Your Body is a Temple Glutton Trace Pezzali  F or more than two decades, I’ve struggled with gluttony. This diary extract from my eighteen-year-old self describes the constant war between my flesh and will power: “I eat and eat and eat until I’m sickened by myself, stuffed with food... tortured by self-disgust and loathing. Sometimes I am sick, literally, until my throat is scorched, and my body wracked sore. It scares me that I keep eating. I hate it. ‘More food’ is always on my mind.” The definition of bulimia is ‘an emotional disorder in which the sufferer follows periods of compulsive overeating with periods of fasting or self-induced vomiting, often accompanied by depression.’ [The Penguin English Dictionary] I can’t recall for how long I was bulimic, but I do know I continued to target hatred at my weak, imperfect flesh. My identity was tied up in the very thing I abhorred. I came to Christ in 2008 when a tangible rush of God’s love overcame this body that despised itself. Since then I have realised my weakness is necessary. The affirmation of my worth begins and ends with my Father in Heaven. The apostle Paul puts it this way: « 32 DOZ Magazine March 2018