DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 30

Home Sweet Home March Into Spring! T Marilyn K. Smith he weather is still chilly—and in some places, downright cold! The skies on most days seem to be more cloudy than clear, and there is that dreary drizzle of rain that chills one to the bone! This time of the year, even though I live in the south, makes me tend to want to stay inside, snuggle under a quilt with a good book and sip coffee. I do not care to wander out laden down with long sleeves, coat, hat, gloves, and boots. What about your home? Is it ready or not for some warm spring days instead of the rather drab colors of winter? Well, dress it well, and it will be ready when those warmer days come! Dress it? Yep, homes need to be dressed for the upcoming season that welcomes sunshine, sprouting plants, and a more cheery atmosphere. Soon we’ll be changing our wardrobe—putting away those heavy winter clothes that weigh us down--for lighter and brighter colors in our closets. Well, our home could use some sprucing up as well as the weather marches into spring. Stand in the middle of your home and look around. Are there too many dark colors that make you feel the room is closing in on you? Look at your curtains and drapes. As I did this, I saw that I had used “black out” curtains that shut out much of the light from the morning sunrise and afternoon sunset. That was fine when the glare from winter’s sun was almost unbearable. But now, in the dawning of spring, I needed to “lighten-up” a little. Curtains or drapes that are light and airy will welcome the warm sunshine you need to lighten your home’s mood—and yours! « 30 DOZ Magazine March 2018 Perhaps you can’t change your furniture if it is a dark shade, but you can add bright colored pillows to say “spring’s coming” to your family and guests. Use some bright spring greens and yellows that will brighten that dark couch or recliner. Adding throw rugs in light tans or sandy shades, in front of your entrance doors will create thoughts of a sandy seashore that you might soon be able to feel between your bare toes! Other less expensive changes you might make could be switching out lamp shade or flower vases in pastel colors, and, of course, a pretty wreath over the mantle. Think of spring flowers and buy or make a wreath that reminds you of the little sprouts of green that will soon be coming up in your flower garden! I’ve seen homemade wreaths that included seed packets tucked between blossoms! A small version of this could be perfect for a back door! For your kitchen, banish the now-tired holiday dishtowels and get some fresh new light colored ones for the bar and your sink. Even brown and navy-shaded tissue boxes can be switched out for ones with a fresh burst of color, placing them on a table by the door or on a bookcase next to a chair. Soon you will notice that the colors of the different item you have replaced will accent each other and give you that “new look” you needed. You can help your home “march” into spring even while the last bit of snow lingers in the shade. And helping your environment say, “Spring is coming!” will help brighten your mood and rid your mind of the winter doldrums! God created the promise of spring throughout the earth. Create in your home that promise!