DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 3

EDITOR’S LETTER Dear Ladies, It’s the month of March, already! I find that hard to believe! Where did January and February go? This just made me realise that time waits for no one. It’s moving, and at an alarming speed too! So, we can’t afford to waste any moment, because the seconds quickly become minutes, and the minutes, hours and days and…you get the drift. The bottom line is that we must plan our time wisely because we can’t get it back once it’s gone and someday we’ll ask, where did the years go? This is a month that I was greatly looking forward to and not just because it is the month when women are celebrated globally but because I received an invitation to be a special guest and keynote speaker at the United Nations Women International Women’s Day Conference in Barcelona Spain. For years, I have fought against the injustices meted out against women, especially the women who are voiceless and have no opportunity to speak out and possibly because I have been a victim many times too. I remember about seven years ago my colleagues and I were chatting, and someone made a comment that got me rising fiercely to the defense of women. He immediately named me a human rights activist. Another colleague instantly corrected him; she’s not a human rights activist, she’s a women’s rights activist. She was so right! Hence for me, being invited to speak at the UN Women conference was an opportunity to share my heart with regards to the plight of women, especially women in developing countries who have little or no laws protecting them and or where laws exist they are not enforced because of poverty, culture and tradition, and illiteracy and or ignorance. The conference was postponed due to other plans by women activists and women groups in Spain but my passion for helping women overcome adversity burns brighter. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the President, UN Women Spain for honouring me with that invitation. This is DOZ Issue 29, March 2018, and it is loaded with inspirational articles to keep you in active pursuit of your dreams. Our DOZ That Inspire You, for this issue is, Mary Alison Momoh. From the age of four, Mary was attracted to singing and fancied herself a singer. She is now living her dream and has just released her second album. She shares with us how she got started, the challenges she has faced and overcome and the fulfilment she derives from pursuing her purpose. “DOZ Chronicles: Lara,” comes to an end with this issue. If you have enjoyed it, please share your thoughts. We will bring you a new story in the next issue. I look forward to seeing you same time next month. Happy International Women’s Day! DOZ Magazine March 2018 3 «