DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 29

It has the ability to stimulate new cell growth and improve collagen production. What not many people know is that sugar is also a great moisturizer. It can attract water to your skin and help it to retain it. If your skin is sensitive, sugar scrub might be too harsh for you. In that case, you can try using brown sugar instead or mixing the two. Sea salt is commonly considered to be too harsh an exfoliator, though many women swear by it. Quality sea salt is packed with minerals that can detoxify the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, improves microcirculation and gives the skin natural, healthy glow. But is it a perfect exfoliator for your skin? You can’t know until you try it out. Just try to find as fine-grained salt as you can, and you might be on your way to discover your next favorite beauty product. Carrier Oil Natural oils are amazing moisturizers. Each of them brings its own combination of nutrients to your skin; each makes the skin silky soft and radiating, each protects the skin and fights the aging signs. In scrubs, their main role is to help the grains to glide smoothly over your skin, exfoliating dry skin cells without unnecessary harshness. This significantly reduces the possibility of irritation. Which oil you use doesn’t matter at all; whatever suits you as a moisturizer will suit you in a scrub as well. You can even use baby oil. Once you chose your exfoliator and your oil, all you have to do is mix them together. The usual exfoliator : oil ratio is 2 : 1, but it can vary slightly, depending on your chosen ingredients. The best would be to put your exfoliator into a bowl and gradually add the oil until you get the texture of wet sand. And that’s it; you are all done… …Unless Unless you’d like to enrich your scrub a little. The best way to do that is to add an ingredient that could additionally hydrate your skin. Especially if you’ve used coffee grounds or sea salt, which, though amazing exfoliators, can be dehydrating to your skin. Try out aloe vera, honey or just a little bit of glycerin. They are all famous humectants that can replenish your skin. You could also add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. That way, you can get smooth, radiating, ready-for-spring skin while relaxing and completely enjoying the experience. DOZ Magazine March 2018 29 «