DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 21

“ Through music (Praise and Worship), God has drawn me closer to Himself. During those intimate moments in His presence, tears running down my face as I worship; God has answered prayer, lifted burdens off my shoulders, comforted me, revealed Himself to me, taught me His Word, healed my brokenness, strengthened me, made ways where there was no way, levelled mountains on my behalf and made crooked ways straight. music videos at the time, I fancied myself a singer. At primary and secondary school, I was in the school choir and performing in inter-class and inter-school Music, Dance and Drama competitions. During my school holidays before joining the university I joined a Christian band at the new church, I joined, and we ministered in Power. A few months later, I came to London on holiday. In that time, I joined a church choir at Agape Miracle centre in Deptford. It was intense training for me because we toured England and Wales ministering in churches, at festivals, and on streets. I loved it. After two years, God moved me to Liberty Christian Fellowship, now based in Camberwell, and I ministered with the choir for eight years before God moved me to VPA where I have been ministering in Praise and worship for seven years. DOZ Magazine March 2018 21 «