DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 19

Tell me a little about yourself. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? I am a child of God, a praise and worship leader, songwriter, wife, mother and soon to be a Human Nutrition graduate. I was born in Kampala, Uganda. I grew up in Makerere, a university town in Kampala, Uganda because my late father was a Professor of Veterinary Medicine and was lecturing at Makerere University. Were your parents Christians? My late father was a Protestant, and my mother was Catholic, though she gave her life to Jesus in 1996. When and how did you become a Christian? Across the road from our family home was a church. It was in the valley and built with reeds, wooden planks with no doors nor windows. There were several beautiful church buildings and chapels in our neighbourhood but what captivated me about this church in a makeshift structure was the music and the sound of drums every early Sunday morning. I would wake up to the sound of these drums, and my spirit would immediately come alive. I was 4 years old. I asked mummy to take me to that place where the drums were being played, but she said she was Catholic and she could not go to that church. Finally, after a year or so, having pined and longed to go “ Music makes me happy. Great songs minister to me in ways I cannot fully explain. DOZ Magazine March 2018 19 «