DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 17

M ary Alison Momoh is a gospel songwriter and singer, wife and mother of one amazing son. From the age of four, she was attracted to singing and fancied herself a singer. Her mother always sang as they did chores at home and when she went to church with her parents, there was some more singing. But Mary soon became captivated by the singing in a makeshift church across the street from her house. One day she would get the opportunity to attend this church, and there she would learn some more songs in addition to what she had learnt from her mother and at school. As she went through primary school, there were always musical festivals, and she was unfailingly a part of these because of her love for singing. After secondary school as she waited to begin university, she joined a music band and they travelled around the country singing but this did not last as Mary soon relocated to the United Kingdom. But in London she soon joined a church and the choir and there were other opportunities for performing outside church services. It has been a journey of singing and learning and the journey is far from over but what is exciting is that Mary is currently living her dream and has just released her second albu m. In this interview, she shares her story of pursuing her dreams, the challenges she has faced and overcome and the fulfilment she derives from walking in her purpose. We are all here for something. For you it may not be singing, but hopefully Mary’s story inspires you to find your something and pursue it. DOZ Magazine March 2018 17 «