DOZ Issue 29 March 2018 - Page 13

should visit Limassol, the second largest city on the island. Relaxing and swimming is, of course, something you should do. The perfect spots? Of course, Capo Greko, Coral Bay, and Fig Tree Bay. Here you can find both relaxation and some crazy fun due to the young and fresh atmosphere. Visit Nicosia, the capital, and basically one of the oldest cities in the world where you can find Gothic and Ottoman art and architecture. Hiking and trekking will give you something you won’t forget. Forests and mountain peaks and views of the sea and valleys: this is what you will find once you decide to go for a hike in the region of the Troodos Mountains. Another big plus? Your hiking experience will culminate in Mount Olympus. Culture: In the south of the island the main language is Greek, while in the north it is Turkish. English is still spoken throughout the island. Orthodox, Armenian and Maronite Christianity represent the faith of the South, while Sunni Islam is practiced in the North. As you may see, Cyprus is a complex reality, and its duality comes from the ancient times as you will discover exploring both its modern and old side. The contrasts of this island will give you glimpses of different cultures and habits for a trip that goes way beyond the simple vacation, but it will enrich your culture and your curiosity in so many ways. Currency: Euro. Visa: If you want to go to Cyprus you will need a valid passport. No visa is required. At the Turkish-Cypriot border, you will have a visa you will have to return when you leave the region. Conclusion: A trip to Cyprus will easily offer so much more than you may expect from an island best known for its seaside. As you may have seen, Cyprus really has it all. Of course, you can switch to the relaxing side of the island having fun and marveling at the beautiful sunsets with a good drink on your hand, but, if you give Cyprus the chance to surprise you we are sure it will! Exploring the most iconic and even the most hidden spots we enlisted before it will give you stimuli to learn something more about the Mediterranean history and ancient myths for a trip to remember! DOZ Magazine March 2018 13 «