DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 7

~The Sorrow of Being Alone~ Linda Jackson   The weight of a dream I woke with crying eyes The result of sin, someone leaving me The oppression, wanting to die then a thought so strange came As I sat on the side of my bed A thought of how does one weigh all the sins on my Savior’s head   The works of the flesh began to cover You A garment of sin You became what I had done Countless others to come Adultery, a capital “A” to wear Marriages torn apart by those who don’t care Sexual sin, the pressure on You begins The list goes on and on When will the burden end How heavy are the unclean acts of the fallen Their evil deeds are desires of their hearts They increase until shame is gone Easier to worship and trust in the w o r l d they see This painful load nailed to a tree The darkness of demons, witchcraft and drugs A choice to try some or all Hatred begins, a struggle for control Envy steps in and relationships fall A bitter root grows into rage, explosive words and murdering deeds Self-seeking power, screaming greed Lord, how oppressive the weight on You grew Sin concentrating at one place in time No wonder a dark storm gathered around Your cross You took possession of sin I hear the rooster crow as I run and hide More grief as You looked ahead and saw How Your church entertains angels, seemingly white How Your children are blinded by satan’s light This weight only my God would bear Only by You the curtain between us did tear You felt the filth of my sin and more As God turned His back, Your heart was torn   I thought as I sat on my bed Feeling the grief of a love gone Thinking that maybe Lord You hurt Not because of the thorns on Your head Or spikes in Your feet and hands Nor the lashes that cut to the bone But how sin brings the sorrow of being alone DOZ Magazine February 2018 7 «