DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 38

knew the man probably slept no more be Reverend Femi. He smiled at her, patted her than four hours, if he slept at all. hand and got off the bed. He smiled and shrugged. As he turned to me and took me by “I try. You look like you the elbow, I smiled, like the cat didn’t sleep at all.” that ate the canary. “I didn’t,” I admitted, “You and I need to talk, and as I saw his now.” He whispered in my brow raised, I ear as we walked out of The man never ceased to amaze me. I explained briefly the room. thought he would say a long prayer, but it was about my family My sisters were watching over in less than one minute. If I didn’t know reunion without me, and I could feel how God used him, I would have had my doubts, giving too much their eyes boring holes but because I knew and had witnessed things detail. in my back. No doubt happen when we ministered together, I knew it “Your sister is the they envied me, and why was a done deal. Nike was on her way to a full one I am here to not? I had the attention recovery. pray for.” of a handsome, rich, and a It was a statement not heavily anointed man of God. a question, but I nodded What could be better? Apart my head all the same. from going to heaven when one “So, where is she?” He asked. died. I wasn’t sure myself, but my maid “Oh, yes, you did mention that on the phone. told me which room she’d assigned to Nike and How could I forget?” I tried to sound excited for Tola, so I led Reverend there. He hung back for a the benefit of my sisters. few minutes while I went in and advised both to As we walked downstairs to the living room, I felt make themselves decent. After that, I opened the very pleased with myself. But I did not understand door and ushered in the Reverend. why. Surely, there was no competition between The man never ceased to amaze me. I thought he Nike and I and certainly not one over Reverend would say a long prayer, but it was over in less than Femi? one minute. If I didn’t know how God used him, I When we entered the room, he shut the door would have had my doubts, but because I knew and behind him, and I noticed that he was suddenly had witnessed things happen when we ministered uncomfortable. The man I knew was always together, I knew it was a done deal. Nike was on composed and very sure of himself. But not right her way to a full recovery. now, he was far from composed. He buried his As Reverend rose from the edge of the bed, Nike hands deep inside his pocket, and as he turned to extended a hand to him possibly in appreciation, face me, I noticed he was chewing his bottom lip. but when he took it and held it in both his hands, Now I was concerned. I would have opened my my brows met in a frown between my eyes. I mouth to ask if he was okay, but then, he spoke up. instantly called myself to order though. It was an What he said threw me off balance. innocent gesture although for a moment it looked “Lara, will you marry me?” like he might be interested in Nike, and I didn’t like that. I wasn’t interested in him myself because I still To be finished in the next issue… could not get over what he had done to me eight years ago. I couldn’t understand why it bothered me that he would like Nike, or that she would like him. Their ages were close, Reverend was probably only a year older than Nike, and besides, I had just prayed for God to give Nike a husband, but for whatever reason, I did not want that husband to « 38 DOZ Magazine February 2018