DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 37

my disappearance. a big woman of God they He had returned would have dealt with empty-handed and me better. I prayed for I wasn’t sure myself, but my maid told me needed money, so them, from the depth which room she’ d assigned to Nike and Tola, he sold the house of my heart; I asked so I led Reverend there. He hung back for a few in Lagos and for a release of God’s minutes while I went in and advised both to make was able to offset blessings upon all their themselves decent. After that, I opened the door Nike’s hospital lives, a release of their and ushered in the Reverend. bills. But he now finances, a release of had no home, so children, and a release Tola and her husband of spouses for Nike and accommodated him my dad. Mum had been in their home. They said dead twelve years; I felt it was they tried to look for me, but time Dad re-married. He needed I seemed to have disappeared a woman to take care of him. After without a trace, and no family member the prayers, I thanked the stranger, who I or friend could say anything of my whereabouts. now knew was Tola’s husband, but informed him When Nike was sent home from the hospital to die, that my father and Nike would not be returning they began to visit every crusade in the country to his house. They would remain in Ibadan with until they came to Ibadan because someone had me until I bought Dad another house in Lagos to said God used Evangelist Lara mightily and if she replace the one he had sold. Then I mentioned that prayed, God would answer and heal Nike. As they Reverend Femi was coming to put a seal on Nike’s journeyed from Lagos, they had no idea that the healing as God had instructed. As I did, I looked at Evangelist Lara they were going to see was the my wristwatch and noticed it was already 6.00am. same Lara who had walked away from home eight I brought the meeting to an abrupt end and went years before. upstairs to take a bath and change my clothes. I also shared my story, and as I did, it occurred to Reverend Femi would arrive any minute, and I did me just how far God had brought me. I had left not want him to meet me looking unkempt. I was home with only the dress I had on, my bathroom right because just as I put the finishing touches on slippers and Mum’s Bible because Nike would not my makeup, the maid knocked on the door and let me take anything else with me. Eight years later, informed me that the Reverend was downstairs. I lived in a four-bedroom duplex house complete As I entered the living room, I noticed it was empty, with a two-bedroom boys’ quarters, and it was apparently as soon I left my family members also mine, gifted to me by one of the many people retired to the bedrooms to get some sleep. Reverend my ministry had blessed. Although I still drove Femi was standing in the middle of the room with the second-hand minivan Aunty Bose and Uncle both hands buried deep inside his trouser pockets. Dapo gave me, I could afford to drive a brand-new I had to admit; he looked very handsome in the car. I had paid office staff and paid domestic staff. navy blue three-piece suit. As I entered, he turned God had been good to me, and they all agreed that to look at me, and for some reason, I was slightly this was true. nervous and self-conscious. My father asked me to pray for the family, as “Good morning, Reverend.” I greeted as I reached I happened to be the only one who had made out to shake hands with him. “Do you get any progress after Mum’s death. He felt certain that the sleep at all?” I asked for want of something to say rest of them were suffering because of the way they really because I already knew the answer to that had treated me. He said if they had known I was question. After observing him for six months, I DOZ Magazine February 2018 37 «