DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 35

Dapo and I will be glad to have you visit us.” I knew that. She didn’t have to say it, but I was grateful all the same that she had. without thinking. “Show off.” He responded. That caught me off guard and cracked me up so I laughed and he joined in. As I got off the phone, I remembered the Lord had “Hey, that is a case of the pot calling the kettle instructed me to ask Reverend Femi to place a seal black.” on Nike’s healing. I looked at the time; it was I protested, still laughing, and he seemed to about 12:30 am, and I winced. What agree because his laughter intensified. would he think of me calling It was the first time we had shared him at this time of the day? a joke and laughed together. I Then I quickly shrugged enjoyed the moment, more it off. What did I care? I than I thought possible. dialled his number, and Perhaps if I didn’t like Aunty Bose, he have that initial bad I protested, still laughing, and he answered immediately. experience with him, seemed to agree because his laughter “I have been waiting for we would have been intensified. It was the first time we had your call Lara. How are good friends. We both shared a joke and laughed together. I you?” seemed to share a lot enjoyed the moment, more than I thought His voice sounded of things in common, possible. Perhaps if I didn’t have that deeper and huskier and during the six initial bad experience with him, we than I remembered. months I ministered with would have been good friends. However, I didn’t care for him in his crusades, I was that I was more concerned sometimes in awe how we with his manners. Why did he worked together, as a perfect not say hello first? It was no way to team. But because I had a bad answer the phone, I thought. And why experience I couldn’t shake off, I kept for goodness sake did he always have to be such a him at a distance. know-it-all? I wondered. He asked to know how I I finally stopped laughing and told him why I was; well I would tell him how I was. called. I shouldn’t have bothered though because Irritated at your lack of manners and your know- he already knew and planned to be in Ibadan very it-all, that’s how I am. I said in my head and then early in the morning and then return to Lagos to asked for mercy when the Lord rebuked me the face his tasks for the day. I appreciated it and told same instant. I may not like him, but he was God’s him as much. servant. Just before he hung up, he added, “When I come “What do you mean, you were waiting for my over in the morning, I would like to have a word call?” I asked, just a tiny little bit curious. with you privately. Please create the time and place “What I mean is the Lord told me you would call. for this, as it is important.” And he was gone. And I have been waiting.” He explained. “I was I frowned and wondered what he wanted to talk going to start praying, but I decided to wait until about this time. Was it another church planting I hear from you.” crusade? I shrugged and got out of the car. It was I was amazed, and I wondered when I would get to now time to go and face my family. I walked to the the level where God told me everything. front door and rang the bell as I couldn’t be asked to “He seems to tell you everything,” I said, feeling start searching my bag for my keys. My housemaid slightly jealous. would be up as she usually waited for me to get “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he home before she went to bed. No matter how late reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.” He I returned v2v27W&RFRvFVvV@VFVBg&FR67&GW&W2&RFW&RFVFRvFRBגBvVB&P( 26FW"F&VRfW'6R6WfV( 6BV6ǐFW&RFVFRg&BF"G'VRFf&6Rv0DvRfV''V'#3R *