DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 34

in my well-organised life. They were the past, and together.” And then she laughed. I did not think it although I loved them, I wanted them in the past. I was funny, and I had told her so at the time, but had a new life now, and I did not want them in it as she didn’t repent and continued to speak as though I feared they would mess it up as they had done my the Reverend and I were an item. And she was at it past life. I had forgiven them, but I did not know again. what their feelings were towards me and the last I rolled my eyes. I knew what she wanted to hear, thing I wanted was to be reminded of my mum or but I would not say it, so, I changed the subject. how and why she died. “How are my babies doing?” I asked instead. “And The only person I desired to speak with at that time how is Uncle Dapo?” was Aunty Bose, so when I drove up to my house, “Everyone is fine. We are preparing for your just before midnight, I remained in the van and wedding. We know it will be any day now, after called her mobile phone. I knew it was late, but I all, Reverend Femi is not getting any younger. He also knew she would take my call at any time and should be thirty-two or thirty-three now.” besides, like me, she was a night person. Just as I had I sighed and shook my head. “You don’t give up, guessed, she was still awake and obviously had her do you?” I asked but didn’t wait for a r \ۜKۙH[\[\H[\Y][[YYX][B'\[H[H][X\YYۋH[H][][˂^H\] ]\܈H]\[ H]HYXB' ݙ[HH^H]H\\H][[\ ]H[]\YK[]\ۙHق[Y[X\YYH^K'HHX\Y ^H\[\˸'B'Y\[H[Y[X\Y[HY\\^H\['[YH[]X[][ ^HX\'HB[H^HYܙH] [H^B\ۙY 8'[YK]\˜YܙH]ۙK][YHY&][ [ۏ'B[HۛH\^[۝’\]Y\[ۈYYB]HY[\HXX˸'BXH]X][ۈ]]\YK[YB[ []]]XH][HH]YH\]X\]\H\^KY\[Y B\]Y\[ۈYYHXH]X][ۂH\^[۝]\\\Y][ []]]XYH\YY[\X[B\H^XY\]Y\[Y H\\\Y\œYXYۘH܂H[[BH^XY\H[[H[X\Y]XHHYZ˂[X\Y]BH\X\Y܈YH\HY]\B']8&\X]\H[B\œX\Y܂[܈YH][]H]^H[X[\H[ݙ\HXBYH\HY[Z[K][\Y]Z\˸'B]\H[”HZY Y\[™܈YH][]H]]\[[ZK^H[X[[Z[KBH\HۛH\ۈB^Z[Y]HYY[YHۙ]]]\[[HۛX[ۈ[H‘[ZHY\Y܈YHH[[ݙY[\\H]\Y ^H\BHH\\XH[HYX\›ZH[\[HYۛ]˜Yˈ[ZHYKY HY&]YH[][™܈\H\H][[\ܝ[KBܛۙ]\X\[ۋ[HY][\Z[™YۛZ\Y[\X\[H[^BXZH\YKH\ۙHو\[[B\[ܛ[YX][]ܜYYYB[ܛۙ[\^Y\ˈ[\\[K[[ HY[ܛYY\و\[HYY][[ܝH[Y][ [H[Y\H^Z[\\[[H[]][ۈ\\'ZH]ۙH\]H[YK\KۙH^H]B[[ܝ\Y\HYY[[Y[ZY [YH[]ZYH[K[Y[HXYB'H\ݙHHܙ\[[Hݙ\[YY[YY]]^H܈H[K ֈXY^[HXX\H N