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arms and held her close to me as I prayed violently story. When I talked about my family, and only in the language of the Holy Ghost not knowing because it was necessary, I mentioned Aunty what words to pray in my understanding. I can’t Bose, her husband, and children; they were my remember how long I prayed, but I family. I knew I owed Pastor Segun an do know that suddenly I felt the explanation, but I ignored him in presence of God return. Then the interim. It was neither the my spirit was charged, and place nor the time for that my tongues became even explanation, and it was more violent as I waged certainly not the place or war with the enemy and time for any drama, so took my sister’s healing I ignored everyone and I heard the Lord speak to me and assure me of her forcefully. focused on praying healing. He also reminded me of Reverend Femi’s for the sick. Later, we declaration of a 48-hour miracle and confirmed that As I continued to pray, I heard the Lord would have our family the miracle was my sister’s freedom from cancer. speak to me and assure reunion in private. I me of her healing. was fast becoming a He also reminded public figure, and the me of Reverend Femi’s last thing I wanted was declaration of a 48-hour for the news of my family miracle and confirmed that reunion to be all over Ibadan the miracle was my sister’s before I woke up the following freedom from cancer. He said one morning. after the other, all the symptoms would I quickly regained my composure and disappear and He instructed that I send for the kept my face free of any emotion. I walked over Reverend to come from Lagos the following day to to where Nike lay, and as I did, I avoided looking put a seal on Nike’s healing. at my father and Tola. They didn’t look like they I was relieved and grateful for the first time that the required healing, so I gave my attention to the one Reverend had spoken into my life. I rose to my feet who did. As I knelt beside the stretcher, the devil and faced my host pastor who still had a perplexed began to show me images I had put out of my mind look on his face. for eight years, especially images of the night I “Pastor Segun, please arrange a vehicle to take this walked out of my father’s house. I remembered the woman and her family to my house. I will meet way she had hit me severally, the evil words that them there later.” had come out of her mouth, each laced with the Pastor Segun began to frown. Obviously, he was not contempt she felt for me. As the pictures flooded sure what was going on and why I was acting that my mind, I suddenly realised that God’s presence way, and I did not want to explain to him in front had departed from me and I was empty. At least I of them or stay in the room any longer. I walked felt empty, and I felt drained. I just wanted to crawl out briskly and made my way to the restroom into bed and sleep. Then I heard a groan, and I where I broke down and wept. I wept until I had no looked up and saw Nike wincing in pain, and my more strength. Afterward, I pulled myself together heart went out to her. She was only 30 years old, and went in search of Pastor Segun. I gave him an but sickness caused her to look like she was 50 explanation without giving too much detail but years old. As I beheld her, I was reminded of how also, without misleading him. much she resembled our late mother. The tears I stalled going home and asked my PA to ring my suddenly filled my eyes as I thought of Mum. Nike house and instruct the maid to prepare them a had hurt me, but she was Mum’s baby too, and as I meal and a place to sleep, so I did not have to rush looked at the stretcher, I didn’t see Nike anymore; home. The truth is, I was slightly reluctant to face I saw Mum, and my heart came alive with love my family members who had suddenly appeared and compassion. I leaned over, took her in my DOZ Magazine February 2018 33 «