DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 31

industrial sales job was stressful. Liquor and wine were served at most sales promotional meetings. There was the temptation to drink. How was I going to handle that temptation? I would need to start over with a new lifestyle. Starting over would take courage. This courage would come from many sources. Firstly, divine intervention was necessary. The faith to believe that Jesus Christ could change the desire for alcohol came by reading encouraging Bible verses: verses about God’s power and desire to make me a new person. Secondly, is accountability: being open, honest with myself, with others and with God. I have three accountability partners. Rita was my scripture memorization partner. Each week we would memorize verses. When the old yearning for alcohol returned, I would go over and over and over the verses in my mind until the desire would pass. Jan is my prayer warrior. When overpowered by a compelling need to drink, I would phone Jan. “Jan, I need your prayers. I can’t handle this. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS! Pray for me.” Her prayers are powerful. Barbara challenged me to write about my struggles with accountability and alcohol. When overpowered by a strong desire to drink, I would sit at my computer keyboard and let go of the stress with words. The anger, the frustration, the stress, I pounded these feelings into print. Fighting my desire for alcohol is a life-long pursuit. My liver is now normal. I am healthy, happy and have a challenging life. Good friends - who love me and support my new lifestyle, surround me. The power from Jesus and His word can make all things brand new. That bad news became the best news I ever heard! Copyright 2006 Patricia Charlton Devotional writer for EzraWeb and a contributing columnist for Crossmap, Patricia shares her experiences with the power of God to make anyone more than a conqueror. Her passion is Jesus, and her venue is writing. Contact Patricia: DOZ Magazine February 2018 31 «