DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 30

Your Body is a Temple Starting Over Patricia Charlton  Doctor’s visits, I hate them! What I hate even more is blood tests. All that poking with needles makes me nervous. normal size.” Feeling drained of energy after doing simple tasks (like washing dishes), I faced my fears (doctors and needles) and booked an appointment with my doctor. He ordered a series of blood tests. Now, I was returning for a follow-up visit to hear the results. “Patricia, how often do you drink alcohol?” While waiting in the doctor’s office, I wondered what this report would reveal. I trembled at the thought of hearing bad news. How was I to know that starting over would begin with this doctor’s report? “Patricia, there is a problem. Your liver is twice the « 30 DOZ Magazine February 2018 My heart sank! With my heart pounding and palms clammy, I could no longer hide from the truth. I have a drinking problem. “Doctor, I drink about two to three drinks a night to relax and take the edge off a difficult day.” “Patricia, you must stop drinking alcohol, or it will destroy your liver.” My heart was racing from this truth. My drinking had to stop, or I could die from liver failure. My