DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 29

friend, neighbor or stranger? Your home expresses volumes about you. It holds the key to the heart of your home. My Mama always said to me as a child—“You can’t always be pretty, but you can be clean.” That same wisdom can be applied to your home. Does your home welcome others by being welcoming? What does “welcoming” really mean? Well, it means different things to different people, but to most anyone a “welcoming” home must be clean. Now go outside to the edge of your yard, the street in front of your house or your drive, then turn around and take a long, sweeping look at your home. Don’t look at it from your perspective, but from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know you or has never visited you. What do you see? If you were a stranger approaching your home for the first time, would you feel welcome there? Does your home say, “Come on up the steps and knock? I’d love to share some time with you?” Or does it shout, “Go away and don’t bother me!” Is there trash scattered around or is the stoop swept clean and neat?” Do your doorposts desperately need a good presser washing or do they look freshly painted? It matters. You might not have realized this before, but you can do a lot to welcome people to your home before you even answer the doorbell. Frequently we care more about the latest, ritzy carpet or fashionable drapes that decorate our living room than we do the amazing changes we can make with soap and a scrubbing cloth or a coat of paint! Now, once your guest has stepped inside what do they see? Well, you take the test. Walk up to your door and open it. What do you see? Is your furniture drab and worn or could that old chair use a new cover and a bright pillow? Is there a burnt- out bulb in the light fixture, causing a dimly- lit room? And that table in the corner, could it use polish and a fresh arrangement of flowers? Changing a few things can make a big difference! And the cool thing is that most of the things I have mentioned do not cost a lot of money! Your home does have a heart. It’s up to you to give it a cardio workout, a bypass or a complete transplant! Don’t let the heart of your home display an unhealthy “heart condition.” Keep it beating strong and healthy so that it says, “I care and I love you!” DOZ Magazine February 2018 29 «