DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 25

communication with God, where we had time, more time for one on one. And I think as mature women, we can start doing that and then we can start mentoring and opening up doors because we have so much to teach others and to impact and guide and mentor younger Christians, younger people; Christians and non-Christians alike, men and women. We have stories to tell, we have things that we have been through that we can help people to deal with and cope with. So, basically it can be the beginning of something new, a whole new ministry? Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think that to sit and think it’s over; I think it’s a sin. It’s sinful to say, that’s it; I am such and such an age, there’s no more. That’s not true, and I believe far from God’s intention. Very well said. So, where can people get more information about you and your achievements? I have an email address that I am happy to give out if people would like copies of my little books. They’re just very little books, but I am quite happy to give copies of them away. My email address is And my website is www. Photo Credit: All photos were supplied by Angela Lewis-Wright. DOZ Magazine February 2018 25 «