DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 24

any of that. But that’s life, you just get on with it, to the best of your ability, with a smile. There are uncomfortable things now and again, but they are few and far between and nothing that I dislike intensely, no. Well, I would say to them that it’s the beginning. I think the thing I have really come to realise is that as long as we have breath, every new day is a new opportunity, and I do believe that it’s so important to give thanks for every day and that’s something that I don’t take for granted. As soon as our eyes In hindsight, looking back at your life, is there are open it’s an opportunity, a day for adventure, anything you would do differently? a new day of fun and so I think that as women, I Yes, there is. I would really, maybe pray a lot more think God has really given us the gift of patience before making some decisions especially in terms the gift of prayer even though we might not have of when I moved into nursing and teaching, even the physical abilities that we had as younger though they are things that were in my heart; I women, we do have the ability to knew that I wanted to do those things, I wanted pray for our families, to intercede, to help and to impact people’s lives. to really just seek God’s face, not And going into business, I just for ourselves but for our think maybe I might loved ones; our husbands, our have done just a little children, our families, our he t s more research possibly parents, if they’re alive. So, en u even v i g certainly with nursing, I we have the opportunity, r y reall of praye sical s a h probably would have done to really seek out many hy ft God e the gi ve the p omen, k n a a little bit more. And one different ways of serving i c I th f patien ht not h unger w r our o o g f o i y other thing, maybe I would gift h we m had as o pray t seek God. And not having t e s g have started having my family thou es that w e ability really ju s but all the distractions i t o h ve a little bit earlier, I would have abili have t rcede, t oursel s, our around, I’ve found r o te d thought about that, but beyond we d es, to in t just fo husban nts, if for myself I would i l o r e i that, no. say, I really do feel fam face, n nes; ou our par o s ’ , s d d at this point in ve ilie Go ur lo ur fam o r o So, you wouldn’t have taken acting my life God is fo ren, e d l i h v up earlier on? really looking c li ’re a they I probably would have done. Yes, now at me as an individual that you reminded me. I did do some and re-examining my relationship, modelling when I was in my youth. re-examining my walk, re-examining my Somebody did approach me once to come understanding of the Bible, questioning some of to London and do modelling, but my mother said the things that I’ve been taught as a Christian, not no. I lived in Birmingham, and I think I was about necessarily because they are wrong, but because 16 or 17 and this lady said they would like me to some of the teachings that we’ve been exposed come to London and be a model, and my mum to, I think some of them come from a wrong said, oh no, I don’t think so. So yes, I probably perspective, and therefore, we have learnt things would have done. I would have taken it on a bit from a particular viewpoint, taught our children sooner. I would have done. from a particular viewpoint, and I believe that God is saying, look, come back to me, come back You’re someone whose life just seemed to open and learn what I want you to learn, not what your up when you thought that things were winding preachers have interpreted not what your churches down, and you’re here now with this brand- have told you but come back into relationship with new career. So what advice do you have for me. And I think as retired women, as women in Christian women who are retired and think, a different phase of our lives, we can use some of this is the end of the road for me? that time to get back to that place where we were in “ « 24 DOZ Magazine February 2018