DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 23

very often happens that women find themselves as single parents being the only parent that a child has, So, in other words, your job does have an impact and I think that it was quite difficult for my mother on the body of Christ? and one of the things that happened was that she Absolutely. Because that’s the very first thing, sent me to go and live with another family because that I share. I do share that I am a Christian, and she felt economically it was going to be a struggle sometimes I will hear conversations, and I will hear for her. And I have just been thinking about that comments being made and I will think, if I can’t and those years, very early on, and I remember add to that or I can’t contribute to that in a way always being able to entertain the adults. I used to that is going to edify and uplift, I might not always sing, and dance and I could read quite early as well. participate in every conversation and I And I was the only child amongst a number am not being unfriendly. And I have of adults. So, I suppose I was quite to wait up as well, because sometimes adult in my behavior and in an effort to share our views and they would always say, share our perspectives, sometimes oh Angela give us a song. on we can do more damage than get r t s u ju So, I learnt to entertain, and good and I’d rather leave the door you t of yo re , e f i s I really did love it. I loved open and be able to come back be e a ’s l that o the le. Ther and to somebody maybe on a one t u being the centre of attention B it, t a smi s now ar f g and dancing and carrying on. with , with thin w and I on one rather than in a group y e t l i l e b i f a And when I was teaching I used setting and actually speak to ab that fort ey are m g o n h c i t n h t t u drama quite a bit in expressive somebody and have them u no n, b agai en and y, no. ways in my teaching, but I didn’t look at that particular e el w s t n e e b expect that in terms of doing it on issue from a different int slike i d a full-time basis or as something I perspective rather than would do now but I know that along taking on a group and it the vN( 2RbFRvgG2BFVG0&V6R6g&FF6N( 2fW'FBfR&VVW&rFW&RFPfR&6R'WBW2F( B7FBFW&Rg&@&6w&VB6FF( BWV7BF@bFR6W&6rW2W2W2BF20vVB&RFrBr'WB66VRFBFW&PFRvFBv^( fRvBFFB'WBFfRF6P2&VVG&VBF&VvWBגƖfRBW2ЦF67W762BFvBVVBFFF6&RFPVrBv7V( vVR6W'Fǒ6VBƖR^( &RVrB6vB27B&Wv&Fr&WBW"#v@W2Bv'FvSFrfRfVB&VfV6RFW&W70ח6VbBfVVFBFW&R27V6'GVGFvFW72BF6&R6&7BBF6&RFRfPbvBB&VǒFW6( BfRF&Rv2&V@FRVBFW&R&Rv2b'FrvN( 2fPB&VǒW&W76rBvFWB&Vr6FW'&&ǐ6W&W2B&BW26WFW2BBvfW2PFR'GVGBfB7FvR67GVǐ6'&FRW762g&FR&&RvBF@rFBB66VRB2vW&gVfV6Rf ֖7G'Bf"WfvVƗrBRFBgVǐFVBFW6R&RFW&R6RFw2RF( BƖR&WBW #&Vr6B6RVv2B6WFW2FW&^( 2BbvFr&VB2FW6vRf6WG2 FW7VFFR7F'2B6vR66VW2@6WFW2FWVFrrFRFr2v&pWBFW&^( 2Bb6vr&VBBB`vr&VBB6'Bb7B֖WFRFw0FBVBFBF( BƖRB'WB6WFW2B6&RƗGFR&BV6W7V6ǒbN( 2pf֖rFBBFRVBbFRFFWFV6FPFWvBFF6WFrFffW&VBBRfPFV&VBBRF6R6vW2V6ǐB6WFW26&RƗGFR&BƖRPr( &VǒF&VBF( BFvBFFDvRfV''V'##2 *