DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 22

smartly dressed for this role, you can’t wear that, and we have to take your hat and gloves off because it’s not meant to be winter. And I thought, you must be joking. Fortunately, I’ve got lots of things in the boot of my car, so I piled on all these clothes under my jacket, but I was freezing throughout the course of the day. I had to say, look you’ve got to give me back my hat and gloves in between things because I’m cold. And so, I negotiated, but I could see that at one point I was really upset, and I could have just said, look just stick your film I’m going home. In the end, I got quite a good role in this particular upcoming TV series. And I could have lost that opportunity if I didn’t have the right attitude. So, I think attitude and willingness to really give up your best regardless of the circumstances. I have « 22 DOZ Magazine February 2018 taught in college and universities and have various academic qualifications; however, I know very little about filming and modelling and the people that I am working with know a lot more than I do so I need to be teachable. I need to have a teachable spirit and to learn from people that I am working with. So, if anything I think that those are probably I would say some of the key skills. Did you know you were going to be doing this job at this stage of your life? Now that’s a really interesting question. The Holy Spirit has laid it on my heart to write my book, and that’s one of the things that I’ve been thinking about. And I can remember as a young child, I grew up in the Caribbean and in the Caribbean it