DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 19

just being guided by what it is that God wants you to do to minister into people’s lives. And so as a result of that, yes, I did get a lot of recognition, and a lot of very positive feedback, and at the same time, I also got chosen to be support artist in some films and from that I got very good feedback and I decided to pursue it, and the modelling as well, the advice I was given was, yes definitely there is a market for me as a model, and I just pursued it, and the doors kept opening. So, what was it that attracted you to this job? I have been a Christian baptized a long time and walking the Christian walk for the majority of my adult life. And I got ill in 2011 and I really thought that I wouldn’t see the end of that year and at that point, I had the opportunity to stop and really be still and renew my relationship with the Lord. And it was in that period of time that I realized that yes, it’s good to be saved, it’s good to go to church, it’s good to do all of the traditional things. However, we need to know God for ourselves. It’s great that we have good, committed pastors, and leaders in our churches but, God wants a relationship with us as individuals. And it was at that time that I stopped and really took stock of my life and at that point, things changed because as I’ve said, I really was very ill at that point, I really thought I wasn’t going to see the end of that year and prior to that I was very fit, I used to run marathons, was very active in my church, doing lots and lots of things, but during that period of time, I stopped and started to take stock and I really started reviewing my walk with Christ, and really looking at what was my responsibility as a Christian, what was it that I needed to do, because, you know, I think at that point it’s an opportunity to really stop and listen for the voice of God differently. And that was what I did, which led me to the church that I now worship in. And it was a real awakening, a revival, of my “ And I know that God has given each one of us a gift and wants us to use it and then the drama team opened up, and I really wasn’t sure, I was quite nervous about it, and I thought, oh Lord, am I doing the right thing, is this the right department? But, it just happened, the doors opened, the drama ministry is wonderful and the people in drama team, everybody loved the Lord, that’s what we were there to do, and that was it. DOZ Magazine February 2018 19 «