DOZ Issue 28 February 2018 - Page 14

Love, Courtship and Marriage A Never-Ending Romance Jennifer Woodley O nce upon a time when the world was just a little slower, and lovers took time to gaze into one another’s eyes, a young, handsome man met a beautiful, young woman. Drawn together by a force greater than themselves, the season of wooing began. Overwhelmed by her lovely form and gentle nature there was nothing he would not do for her. Captivated by his good looks and candid demeanour she too sought to win his affection. Long walks by the ocean hand in hand; lengthy drives on country roads; intimate dinners laughing and sharing; letters posted back and forth when circumstances kept them apart; a surprise bunch of flowers for her; a brand new shirt for him; an « 14 DOZ Magazine February 2018 encouraging smile; a stolen kiss; a furtive glance; loving secrets held as sacred text between them. In this way, their courtship grew over time from an amiable friendship into a deep, loving relationship which cumulated into a joyous, committed marriage. Thirty years have passed since their first date together, and still, their marriage continues on strong, despite times of trouble and difficulty. But the courtship has not ceased: the wooing never stopped when the couple said ‘I do.’ Some may feel that there is no need to make an effort when the ‘catch has been made.’ The romancing has been done, and the labour of winning a heart can cease. But that is just not true. Marriages need