DOZ Issue 22 August 2017 - Page 5

Table of Contents 08 By His Stripes I am Healed 10 The Power of the Enthusiastic Woman 12 Separate Yourself from the Wrong Company 14 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Delilah 18 Love, Courtship and Marriage To Have and To Hold 22 DOZ That Inspire You Mollie Patterson’s life has been characterised by pain, heartbreak, abusive relationships, and HIV/AIDS. But more importantly, it has been held together, preserved and restored, by a God who is loving, powerful, faithful and merciful. 30 Grace and Beauty Simple and Effective – Natural Anti- Ageing Products 32 Home Sweet Home My Homemaking Notebook 36 Your Body is a Temple Why Resting Your Mind is Important DOZ Magazine August 2017 5 «