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Editor’s Letter Dear Readers, About a month ago, I was out for a walk with my daughter when she suddenly paused to look at something that had caught her attention. I didn’t wait to see what it was. I carried on walking. Then she came running after me, tugging at my arm, and requesting that I come with her immediately. So, I turned around and followed her, to see what the matter was. Now, this better be good, I thought to myself. Rather abruptly, she halted and pointed to the ground. I noticed for the first time a little chick struggling to lift itself. I also noticed that it had lost the use of both legs which appeared feeble and obviously could not support its weight. It wanted to stand on its feet and walk, but all it could do was flutter its wings and wriggle its body. “We need to get it home to its mummy quickly before a car crushes it to death,” my daughter said. I was happy to help the poor little chick get home safely, but the last thing I wanted was for my good intentions to be misunderstood by an irate mother hen. Anyway, I had to do something, so I bent and picked it up, cradling it in the palm of my hand as we went looking for its home. After a few enquiries, we arrived at a house on a little farm. It was without any doubt the chick’s home, and we handed it to the owner explaining it had been on the road and couldn’t get back home because its legs were injured. As we walked away, my daughter turned to look at me, and asked, “that’s how God watches over us and sends us help isn’t it mummy?” I nodded even as I reflected on the happenings. When my daughter and I had initially walked past that little chick, she had immediately noticed it because of its movements. The chick could not stand on its feet for obvious reasons, but it flapped its wings and wriggled its body in an attempt to get up. If it had laid there without making any efforts to rise, it would not have been noticed, and therefore would not have been helped. Eventually, a car would have passed by and crushed it. Now, here’s what I learnt; your determination to survive and thrive despite all that life has thrown at you will attract those who will help you. Until then, nobody is coming to rescue you. You might complain that no one helps you. You might even ask, “what has such and such done for me?” But the real Eturuvie Erebor question we all need to ask is, “what have I done for myself?” Welcome to the month of August! I am thrilled to place in your hands this 22nd issue of DOZ Magazine and the 12th since our re-launch in September 2016. The next edition will be our anniversary issue and promises to be packed with exciting stories, interviews, and articles. You will see some changes to your magazine, but I won’t let the cat out of the bag. Ensure you get a copy as soon as it’s out. Under DOZ That Inspire You, we have featured, Mollie Patterson. She is a woman whose life has been characterised by pain and heartache. As a young child, she was abused by her mother’s boyfriend. She entered an abusive relationship and became a single mother at 17. She met the Lord and became a Christian at 19 but a year later, tested positive for HIV and was given only two weeks to live. However, Mollie has found God’s awesome love in the midst of her anguish and has emerged from her trials, a victor with a story to tell. I feel very honoured for the opportunity she has given me to publish her story in DOZ Magazine. I do hope that you will enjoy reading the inspirational and enlightening articles, which have been put together for you. Remember, you can always send us feedback to help us improve our service to you. I look forward to seeing you same time next month. B l e s s i n g s ! DOZ Magazine August 2017 3 «