DOZ Issue 22 August 2017 - Page 14

Leadership Lessons from the Life of D elilah Eturuvie Erebor D elilah is known for being the woman who destroyed Samson. And I know you are probably wondering, why leadership lessons from Delilah? What lessons can I learn from her? She was no great woman! Certainly, she has nothing to teach me! She was an evil woman! She was a traitor! She was a murderer! I hate her! Away with Delilah! Off with her head! Etc. No doubt, she was the negative things running through your head and probably more. But crawl behind the eyes of a Philistine for one moment, and you won’t see an evil woman. No, you won’t see a traitor either, and you certainly won’t see a murderer. But it is « 14 DOZ Magazine August 2017