DOZ Issue 22 August 2017 - Page 10

The Power of the Enthusiastic Woman Buife Nomeh How do you kickstart your mornings? What energy do you give off? How do you describe where your life, relationships, work or business is at? Are you satisfied with “securities”? Have you settled for the status quo? A s we go through life, we encounter several challenges along the way. They usually don’t feel like much in the beginning. But as we grow, it seems the intensity of the difficulties we face increases, and their duration extends. This is when some women feel like giving up and stop trying at all. You might think to yourself, “what’s the fuss about?” I remember trying so hard one time yet it seemed every turn I took led me to the same place – nowhere. I felt so drained and alone. I would wake up both unappreciative and unsure of the new day. I stopped getting my hopes up; and began searching for the easy way out. Only the ‘easy way out’ wasn’t God’s way for me. Not that God wants me to suffer, but hey, disappointments are a part of life. Therefore, they are not reasons enough for us to want to abandon who and what God has called us to be and do. He never promised a disappointment-free life. He did promise us “the future we hope « 10 DOZ Magazine August 2017 for” (Jeremiah 29:11b, MSG). He did promise us the healthy and intimate relationship/ marriage we hope for. He did promise us the profitable business and thriving career we hope for. Though it’s true that the path may not always be rosy, we have a promise of God! If you want to bring God into your space, and keep Him there, get excited about it. Get excited about your future, because it is well and beautiful, and God is in it! Enthusiasm is such a powerful attitude to wield. It