DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 8

A WOMAN SITS ALONE AND CRIES Julie Clark A woman sits alone and cries At a table, empty and wide. Remembers a time, laughter and talk. Were the things to make her spirit sing. Remembers those things we will never know, The first smile, the first kiss The word of love, so long ago The precious son she held so close. Now she sits and cries, And often asks the reason why, Why did you give him, then take him away For a world full of sin and woe. But as she walks to a sad dark tomb She meets an angel who said “do not fear”, He’s no longer there. He is alive Now there’s rejoicing in her heart, Now she knows the reason why, Jesus died to set them free, And gave his spirit eternally. « 8 DOZ Magazine July 2017