DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 5

Table of Contents 08 A Woman Sits Alone and Cries 10 Time to Arise From Self- Defeat and Oppression 12 They Don’t Know You; They Only Think They Do 14 Leadership Lessons from A Mother in Israel 18 Love, Courtship and Marriage Something to Celebrate 24 DOZ that Inspire you Ebony Perkins is The Philanthropist Next Door. She helps people help people. And she desires to show you how to support the cause you are passionate about, without being a multi-millionaire. 30 Grace and Beauty Top 3 DIY Hair Products You’ll Need This Summer 32 Home Sw eet Home Learn How to Pace Your Housework 34 Your Body is a Temple Melting the Middle Age Spread DOZ Magazine July 2017 5 «