DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 3

Editor’s Letter Dear Readers, Let me begin by offering my sincere apologies for the errors in one of the articles in the last issue. I will not bore you with details of how an unedited document was passed forward for publication but I accept responsibility for this error, and I apologize. I also wish to assure you of our commitment to continue to deliver to you, quality materials for your edification. I am so excited about all the wonderful things God is doing at DOZ, and I thought I’d share some of it here. Since September when DOZ re-launched, we have used the same graphics designer. A brilliant chap very good at what he does but I noticed he became very proud and acted like he was doing us a favour when it should have been the other way around as we were giving him a job to do and paying him well for his services. A few times he made unreasonable demands, and he had a habit of doing this at the 11th hour when the job had reached his hands, and we had very little time before releasing the issue. I can’t tell you how distraught I was at such times, but I gave in because I believed it would be a tall order to replace him. Well, just as the June issue reached him, he began to be unreasonable again, and this time I decided I had had enough. I was prepared for the work to be delayed or cancelled if need be, I was determined to find a replacement for him. I didn’t dialogue with him any further, but I began to search for another graphics designer, and I found one. After some negotiations, he confirmed that he was happy to work on the project, and I passed it on to him. He had commenced work when the other graphics designer reached out to me, apparently surprised that I hadn’t reacted in the usual way. And probably thinking that he had gone just a little bit too far this time. I ignored him as I prayed and patiently waited for the new graphics designer to submit his design. When he did, I was amazed. It was brilliant; you would not have known without being told that the job had gone to another graphics designer. And what’s more, he worked day and night to meet the deadline. Thus, the other graphics designer lost the DOZ job forever, and I learnt a valuable lesson. Everyone can be replaced. As such, we must not feel too important. And when God replaces a man or woman He does so with one that is better than they. Eturuvie Erebor It gives me great pleasure to place in your hands this 21st issue of DOZ Magazine, and the 11th since our re-launch in September 2016. Under DOZ That Inspire You, we have featured, Ebony Perkins, The Philanthropist Next Door. She is a phenomenal young woman, doing amazing things. I am certain that you will be inspired. According to her, you don’t have to be an old rich guy, attend fancy dinner parties and donate millions to be a philanthropist ( well, thank God for that because I never liked fancy dinner parties. Hahaha). Her interview will change your perception about giving to worthy causes. I assure you, you are one step from becoming The Philanthropist Next Door. I feel very honoured for the opportunity to publish her story in DOZ Magazine. As can be expected, there are several inspiring articles for your lifting. Immerse yourself in them, and I look forward to seeing you same time next month. B l e s s i n g s ! DOZ Magazine July 2017 3 «