DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 27

HOW HAS THIS MINISTRY IMPACTED ON YOUR engineering. LIFE? This ministry has enhanced my life because it reminds me every day how blessed I am and to remain grateful for the life I have. It has also taught me my purpose of serving others and making a difference. It’s rewarding to know to know that you are walking in your purpose and fulfilling GOD’s will for your life. WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING THING YOU HAVE DONE THUS FAR, AND WHY IT WAS REWARDING? The recipient is a young, quiet student who describes himself as shy. He didn’t have the often extroverted personality we saw from the other scholarship applicants, yet he was extremely captivating and humble. We chose to support this deserving student who may be overlooked by scholarship grantees in favor of the more extroverted applicant. It was confirmed that we made a great decision when we gave the student the award and met his mother. He expressed his gratitude and was extremely appreciative for the support. It was an incredible feeling knowing that we made a difference. The most rewarding experience was helping a client award his first scholarship to his high school. The purpose of the scholarship was to support a student that is graduating and pursuing a trade. This May we awarded the first scholarship to a young man WHAT AWARDS HAVE YOU RECEIVED? who is interested in a career in I’ve been recognized as a Woman on the Move by the Blind Spot “ My ministry has helped me in my personal life because it has given me a way to give back to help others. It has made my life much more gratifying because I know that I am doing something to support a much bigger purpose than myself. I recognize that my ministry is all a part of GOD’s plan, and it means the world to me to know that he has asked me to play a role. It’s been extremely humbling. DOZ Magazine July 2017 27 «