DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 18

Love, Courtship and Marriage S omething to Celebrate! Marilyn Smith “I am my beloved, and he is mine.” Song of Solomon 2:16” A s a new bride, I celebrated my first Marine Corps Birthday with my husband, a newly enlisted Marine in the fall of 1969. It was a different world then. Young women—married or not, in my family just didn’t take off alone as that was considered “frivolous” and “foolish.” We were married six months and in the short span of two weeks, after our wedding in June, my husband who had enlisted months before, shipped off to basic training. That day, I moved home to live with my parents until he could make arrangements for housing and could send for me. It was not how we had planned it, but a conflict in a tiny country in Asia had begun. I was only 18 years old and a small-town girl with big dreams of a family and home of our own. My husband went from basic training in Paris Island, South Carolina to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Vietnam loomed over our future as war threatened to separate us by thousands of miles instead of hundreds. I was determined to spend this special holiday with my new husband. He had free time that day, and we had not been together since the day he had left. He had not as yet been able to get us « 18 DOZ Magazine July 2017