DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 15

r in W e do not know the name of this great woman because the Bible does not tell us her name. But her story comes up in the second book of Samuel. I have chosen to refer to her as a mother in Israel because this is how she addressed herself in a conversation with Joab. Now, David had given his men instructions to chase after a certain man called Sheba, the son of Bichri. This man, like Absalom, sought to rebel against King David and take the throne from him. As Joab and David’s army chased after Sheba, he ran into a city in Abel presuming that he would be safe there. Joab and his men besieged the city and battered the wall; they were ready to throw the city down. But this random woman took the lead and approached them for a dialogue. She soon realised that David’s army had no issues with the city or its inhabitants, they only wanted Sheba. She assured Joab that Sheba’s head would be thrown over the wall to them and this is what happened. She spoke to her people and convinced them that hiding Sheba would be detrimental to them as they obviously had no way of overcoming David’s mighty men. Shortly after, Sheba’s head was cut off and thrown over the wall, and Joab and his men departed from the city. The Leadership Lessons from This Mother in Israel are; Great women ask great questions. This woman asked Joab, “why wilt thou swallow up the inheritance of the Lord?” A great question, and it not only disarmed Joab but appealed to his better sense of judgement. In responding, he confessed that he only wanted Sheba but had no intention of destroying the city. Her question helped her to uncover the problem. 1 Wise women are negotiators. Negotiators are people who hold discussions with the aim of reaching an agreement. Wise women recognise the place and the power of negotiation. Therefore, in a crisis, they turn to the negotiation table to seek a way out. As Joab and the people chased after Sheba, he escaped into Abel. The people with Joab battered the wall of the city to throw it down. They would have destroyed the city with everyone in it because of one man. However, this wise woman approached them and made a deal with Joab. She assured him that Sheba’s head would be thrown over the wall to them. Then she went in and spoke to her people. Just as she had promised, Sheba’s head was thrown over the wall. She was a great negotiator, negotiating first with Joab and then with her people. On both platforms, she got what she wanted. 2 DOZ Magazine July 2017 15 «