DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 12

They Don’t Know You; They Only Think They Do ““ next time someone tries to tell you what you can or cannot do or what you can or cannot be, don’t take it to heart, understand that they simply do not know you, they only think they do. « 12 DOZ Magazine July 2017 I Eturuvie Erebor have observed that most people are quick, to sum up, a person’s future based on their present and or past circumstances. I have also observed that they are frequently wrong as time very often proves. Therefore, if you find that people underestimate you and your abilities, don’t let it bother you as no one knows you or what you’re capable of as much as they would like to think that they do. Your parents gave birth to you no doubt, but even they do not know you. Look at it from this angle; you were created and put on the earth for a purpose, but your parents are completely ignorant of it unless they ask the God who made you (truth be told, they are probably even ignorant of the reason they are here). Thus, many parents push their children in a direction that has nothing to do with their purpose for being on earth. So, if your parents don’t know the reason for your existence, how then can they claim to know you? And if they don’t