DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 11

Heal your hurts and make you whole He is near, he waits for you He would not force himself upon you You want prayer, but you also want A shoulder to cry on An ear to listen Arms to hold you Genuine concern for you A heart to love you unconditionally You want a true friend God can send someone, but remember God is all this and will be so much more to you to see But if your pillow could speak it tell how many times it got soaked in your tears If your mirror could speak it would tell how many times you looked with disgust on yourself Only the discerning would see the broken pieces of your heart They would see a person weary from emotional and mental battles and struggles They would see that you have become a prey for the devil, our adversary They would see that you are oppressed Precious one! You are made in the image and likeness of God Valuable, unique and special Consider this; Many times God your loving Father tried to reach out to you In a song, He even sent someone But you were blinded and bound by fear, self-pity, pride, and mistrust You experienced abuse and betrayal You feel like you can no longer trust anyone Afraid that you will be misunderstood you suffer in silence Child of God it is time to arise from this place of pain Your Father wants to dry your tears, soothe your fears, and pour his strength into you Precious one! Jesus loves you Don’t wait Throw yourself into his open arms Stay in his embrace Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit Let him complete his work in you You are the clay, He is It’s time to cry out to God the potter For too long you Rest assured you are in pretended that you were the best hands strong Wounded child, weary You fake strength, child, rest awhile happiness and peace You will stand, run and You only mask a smile soar again but you are broken and You will do this and so dejected inside much more You show a happy face But you must let God you think everybody work in you wants to see Don’t obstruct him, But if your pillow could don’t oppose him speak it tell how many Surrender to him! times it got soaked in your tears All good gifts come from the Lord. Tesse is happy to be gifted by the Lord to write. It is her prayer that her writings will bless, encourage and inspire others. Thank God for his Spirit who gives inspiration and his grace which enables her. DOZ Magazine July 2017 11 «