DOZ Issue 21 July 2017 - Page 10

Time to Arise From Self-Defeat and Oppression Tesse Wilson I What’s hurting you? What’s eating you up on the inside? What is it that is sabotaging your progress? What is it that stands in the way of your success? t’s something inside of you Self- destructive thoughts Wrong ways of thinking The limits you place upon yourself The negatives words you dwell on Rewinding painful memories in your mind Fearful thoughts about the future Living in the prison of the past Worried, confused Living with a wounded heart But masking a happy life « 10 DOZ Magazine July 2017 Till you suddenly crumble under the pressure Those around you look in disbelief and ask why How could this happen to this seemingly happy Christian It’s time to cry out to God For too long you pretended that you were strong You fake strength, happiness and peace You only mask a smile but you are broken and dejected inside You show a happy face you think everybody wants