DownEast Acadia Visitor Guidebook 2019 True Maine Visitor Guidebook - Page 8

Unique Landscapes Along the Bold Coast n n B  old Coast Scenic Byway and Bikeway (125 & 211 miles) A road unlike any other, pairing rugged blueberry barrens shaped by glaciers and ancient granite sculptural formations created by the ocean’s tides. Authentic fishing harbors from the time of sea captains, lumber barons, and pirates dot the route. This vast and beautiful part of DownEast Acadia follows the coast from the Schoodic Peninsula and Acadia National Park up to Lubec and then along the St. Croix River to the Canadian border community of Calais is rich in unspoiled vistas and long-held cultural traditions. M  aine Island Trail (375 miles) Seen from the water, the coast takes on a new perspective from the nation’s first water trail. Take care when paddling in our cold, constantly changing coastal waters; maybe even bring a guide. n M  aine Ice Age Trail DownEast Acadia boasts a plethora of the most exceptional accessible features carved by the last great North American continental ice sheet, like Cadillac Mountain and Somes Sound fjord. n S  choodic Scenic Byway (29 miles) Each turn along the way shows a place untouched by time: historic architecture, lighthouses, visit the reversing tidal falls, and explore friendly and unhurried working seaside fishing villages. n W  ild Blueberry Barrens Discover a 10,000-year-old native ecosystem formed by the glaciers that carved the bold coast, heavy with ripe blueberries in August, the barrens turn brilliant shades of red in autumn. Blueberry barrens in fruit. Plan Your Visit Today! For more information about the region visit 6 | Liberty Point Lookout, Campobello Island, NB, CA Winter waves on the Schoodic Peninsula