DownEast Acadia Visitor Guidebook 2019 True Maine Visitor Guidebook - Page 6

Machias Bay Machias Bay is a place where life moves in rhythm with the tides and proudly heralds its deep historic roots. Machias celebrates its role as the site of the Revolutionary War’s first Naval Battle every June with a reenactors encampment. Paddle along the Machias River, the region’s first highway for running timber to coastal schooners. Swim at Roque Bluffs State Park whose sandy beach was created by glacial sediment. Stop at one of many family restaurants serving the world’s best wild blueberry pie. TOP THINGS TO DO Working lobster boats in Corea Harbor Schoodic to Jonesport Traveling from Schoodic to Jonesport covers a wide variety of terrain, from towering woodlands, secluded lakes, and the distinctive granite outcroppings that define the Bold Coast to the blueberry barrens along U.S. 1 that blaze red each autumn. Places that beg you to cast your plans aside. Enjoy Schoodic Peninsula’s more remote section of Acadia National Park for an unspoiled experience. Stop in at a rustic fishing village filled with friendly folk. See Down East- inspired art while locally sourced food calls to you. n L  earn how the power of the sun and wind are used to turn sea water into salt during a fascinating tour of the Maine Sea Salt Factory in Marshfield. n V  isit Bad Little Falls park and the amazing view of Machias. They say that in Passamaquoddy the town’s name translates to “bad little falls.” n T  here’s a lot of history behind the walls of the Revolutionary era Burnham Tavern. Learn about its place in American history on a guided tour. n S  pend the afternoon picnicking, strolling, and exploring history at Fort O’Brien State Historic Site in Machiasport. FEATURED EVENTS n Margaretta Days, Machias, June n Bold Coast Sea & Sky Festival, Machias, July n Machias Wild Blueberry Festival, Machias, August TOP THINGS TO DO n  ide along the Schoodic National Scenic Byway R and Black Woods Scenic Byway for two very different looks at the region. n  hether on two wheels or four, the Bold Coast W Scenic Byway & Bikeway is the ride of a lifetime. n V  isit the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuges’ five areas that protect habitat for nesting seabirds, wading birds, and bald eagles. n  e amazed by the vibrant colors found in the wild B blueberry fields during a Fall foliage tour out of East Machias, Whitneyville, and Jonesboro. FEATURED EVENTS n Annual Smelt Fry, Columbia Falls, April n Jonesport Beals Lobster Boat Races, July n Winter Harbor Lobster Festival, Winter Harbor, August 4 | Revolutionary War Reenactors of Downeast Maine