DownEast Acadia Visitor Guidebook 2019 True Maine Visitor Guidebook - Page 20

DownEast Lighthouses “…not just stone, brick, metal, and glass. There’s a human story at every lighthouse…” — Elinor DeWire: author, educator, and a charter member of the U.S. Lighthouse Society West Quoddy Head Light, Lubec DownEast Acadia is home to more lighthouses than the rest of Maine combined. Of all the lights along our coast, we recommend a stop at these. Use the information provided to plan your approach—by land or sea…or both. Eagle Island Li gh t Eagle Island B Bass Harbor Head Light Bass Harbor L B Libby Island Light Machiasport B 44°13’3.53’N 68°46’3.98’W 44°13’18.5’N 68°20’14.2’W 44°34’5.985’N 67°22’2.555’W Isle au Haut Light Isle au Haut L Winter Harbor Light Winter Harbor B Little River Light Cutler B 44°3’53.076’N 68°39’4.952’W 44°18’33’N, 68°44’34.4’W 44°39’3.186’N 67°11’31.544’W Dyce Head Light Castine L B Narraguagus Light West Quoddy Head Light Lubec L 44°22’57.6’N 68°49’7.86’W 44°27’21.5’N 67°49’52.35’W 44°48’54.387’N 66°57’2.416’W  Pumpkin Island Ligh t Nash Island Light Deer Isle Pleasant Bay Head Harbor (East Quoddy) Light Campobello Island L B L Narraguagus Bay B B 44°18’33’N ‘ 68°44’34.4’W 44°27’51.1’N 67°44’50.1’W 44°95’79.44’N, 66°90’0.056’W Deer Island Thorofare Light Stonington B Petit Manan Light Petit Manan B Lubec Channel Light Lubec L B 44°8’3.72’N 68°42’11.79’W 44°22’3.29’N 67°51’51.7’W 44°50’31.387’N 66°58’35.822’W Key: L reached by land 18 | B reached by boat