DownEast Acadia Visitor Guidebook 2019 True Maine Visitor Guidebook - Page 15

Discover Local Treasure You don’t need to know what you are looking for to find something special in the shops of TRUE MAINE. Mt. Desert Street, Bar Harbor, ©Greg Hartford Depending on how you shop, the art of shopping in DownEast Acadia can be either a true delight or a misadventure. This is the place to think small. Bring cash. Look for brightly colored pennants declaring “open” as you set out for retail adventure with some of Maine’s most friendly and welcoming shopkeepers. Make sure you are ready to talk about everything from the weather to where you have traveled from (and where you are headed to). Artists and artisans often throw open the shutters on their studios to welcome visitors, so be sure to get off the beaten path on your hunt for treasure. For generations now, both Deer Isle/Stonington and Blue Hill have appreciated talent and rewarded the communities with galleries and studios galore. Eastport is also an excellent place to find beautiful works of art and artistry. Stop into the many artisan workshops featuring basketry, ironwork, fiber art, printmaking, and more. During your stay in Bucksport you can even join an art class at Lighthouse Arts Center and Stubborn Cow Glass, or just shop like an artist during the visit. Urban Moose, Calais Shopping in DownEast Acadia defines the True Maine experience as much of what you’ll find was made, cooked, crafted, painted, sculpted, or built within a few miles—or maybe even a few feet of the register. That is why we’ve put together an abbreviated guide—on the opposite page—of shops and stores that we’d suggest to help you start planning your next visit; let us know how we did. TRUE MAINE | 13