DownEast Acadia Visitor Guidebook 2019 True Maine Visitor Guidebook - Page 12

Enjoy a Windjammer cruise in Frenchman Bay. A Colorful Maritime Heritage in DownEast Acadia n E  xplore Fort Knox at the foot of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Observatory. One of the best-preserved forts on the New England seacoast it regularly hosts tours, civil war reenact- ments, and pirate days. n S  troll the beautiful, historic town of Castine with its rolling views of the ocean. While you’re there, mail your postcards from the oldest continuously operating post office in the US. n  all at any—or all­—of the 45 stops C along the Downeast Fisheries Trail from the Penobscot River to the Bay of Fundy that bring to light the long and culturally diverse relationship DownEast Acadia shares with the sea. n T  ake a selfie with the beloved cod fisherman and mermaid statues on the waterfront in Eastport. Then pay reverence to the might of the sea at the Lost Fisherman’s Memorial in Lubec. n E  mbark on a boat excursion to experience the powerful tidal forces of Passamaquoddy Bay, that create the world’s highest tides and the largest tidal whirl- pool in the western hemisphere, The Old Sow. n M  ake it a Two Nation Vacation. Rediscover the first settlement of Samuel Champlain at St. Croix Island International Heritage Site, and have tea with Eleanor at the Roosevelt’s beloved summer home on Campobello Island. The Cod Fishermen, Eastport Discover the charm of our working waterfronts. ©GinaMazza Plan Your Visit Today! Experience Maritime Maine– Two Nation Vacation– Downeast Fisheries Trail– For more information on the maritime heritage of the region visit 10 | Wacth as the first battles for American independance are reenacted each June. Traditional boat building classes at Wooden Boat School, Brooklin.