DownEast Acadia Visitor Guidebook 2019 True Maine Visitor Guidebook - Page 11

And then there are the inland lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers. Clear, sparkling water that looks untouched by man. Paddle several of Maine’s most renowned inland waterways of Down East Lakes and Orange River Water Trails populated with hundreds of bird species, bears, white-tailed deer, and moose. Fish and paddle in cold clear waters–some home to the last remaining salmon runs–interspersed with beaver dams and unbroken shorelines. Grand Lake Stream and the surrounding communities have long been a favored remote destination for fly fishermen in a lake system renowned for its land-locked salmon. Other freshwater species include white and yellow perch, or brook and lake trout. A little further afield, trophy-worthy smallmouth bass await in Big Lake. A word on fishing: Only kids under 16 are allowed to fish on inland waters without a license. It just makes good sense not to risk it and get a Maine fishing license. From State Route 9—also called The Airline you can quickly connect to the Machias River Corridor to explore the vast interconnected waterway and opportunities for remote lakeside camping that lie beyond. No matter where you choose to “put in” an excellent (and highly recommended) way to enhance your experiences is to call upon the assistance of a Registered Maine Guide. With a small investment of time you’ll find the right guide for any recreational, fishing, or hunting need. Million Dollar View Scenic Byway Machias Inn, River Corridor Cohills Lubec Paddling on Grand Lake Stream ©Maine Woods Discovery/Facing Waves TRUE MAINE | 9 Grab a paddle, a rod-n-reel, or jump on in. The water’s great even when you get away from the coast in DownEast Acadia. It’s just more bit more wild and beautiful. Travel scenic byways with panoramic views, paddle through chains of lakes, traverse vast inland peat bogs, listen to the stillness in untouched forests.