Down Country Roads May June 2018 DCR MayJune 2018 web - Page 44

“It’s important for people to know; you don’t hide this,” he said. “I’m not bad- mouthing my father; I’m just telling the truth. “My father never told me he loved me. He was just one of those World War II tough, tough guys. So, I wanted him to tell me he loved me before he died. Thirty days before he died I would go to his apartment in Tampa, 30 miles a day every single day. I sat there on the bed. I didn’t sit there in the chair like my brother did. I tried to get him to tell me he loved me. And, like I told the church the day of the funeral — there wasn’t a dry eye in the congregation; even the pastor was crying — I turned Room 413 into my Field of Dreams. You know why he built it, right? Remember the beginning of the movie? ‘If you build it, he will come’ — his father. That way he could have a relationship with his father. That’s what I did with Room 413. Sure enough, two days before he passed away I was walking out the door and he said, ‘You know what, you’re the greatest son a father could ever have. I love you.’ The pastor was in tears. It was really something. I got out of the pulpit and he’s cry- ing and he says, ‘That’s my favorite movie.’” Speaking of the last chapter of the book he’s currently writing, Garcia said, “I drove into Tampa where I used to hunt fossils as a kid. I went to all the spots and Ёɕ͍)ٔܰɍ́ͽ́ͥѥЁ)и)1ах镐)չɥ)ɍéѥ()=]8 =U9QIdI=