Dotty Magazine Issue Five - Page 7

CRAFTY INSPIRATION DIY Cocktail Umbrellas Tutorial by What you need: Images by - Coloured or patterned paper of your choice. - Extra long cocktail sticks or bamboo skewers. - Glue. - Scissors. - Pencil. - Ruler. - A drawing compass. - Beads. 1. Draw a circle with a compass on the reverse side of your paper. 4 - 5cm radius works well. Then, using a ruler, draw 2 lines from the centre-point to the edge, creating a small wedge shape. 4. Once the glue has dried, take your stick or skewer and gently push through the centre of the cone from the underside. Only push the stick through by a couple of millimetres. TIPS: Thin paper works better than card as it forms the cone shape easily. Extra-strong, quickdrying glue speeds up the process considerably! STYLING SUGGESTIONS: Add a name tag or stamp your guests names on the paper before making the cone shape and use as escort cards for your table plan. Try making them with small doilies instead of paper for a lace-edged effect. 3. 2. Carefully cut out your circle and then the wedge shape. Along one edge of the wedge put a small line of glue then curl the edge around to make a cone shape, holding the glued edges together until it sets in place. 6. 5. Add a small dab of glue to the top of the cocktail stick and sit a bead on top. Allow to dry. 7 Choose your cocktail glass and test the length of the cocktail stick in it – trim to the desired length. Love Vintage. Love Weddings.