Dotty Magazine Issue Five - Page 61

Photo: THE LITTLE TOP 2) Have party bags/ distractions set up for them Mini board games, craft kits, colouring, and, if you’re outside, some hoopla, Giant Jenga, paper aeroplanes and hula hoops are always great. Also, kids love having a job, so giving them some responsibility keeps them interested and involved confetti bearers, disposable cameras for them to use, handing out favours and menus can be innovative to keep children engaged. 3) Have a wedding creche or childcare for part of the day. This can solve lots of problems - the children are invited, but during the meal and speeches, they are being fed and entertained elsewhere, saving you catering and table set up costs. This means you can keep the rude stories in the speeches and not be interrupted by tantrums! The Little Top offers bespoke wedding childcare in beautiful themed tents and dens, perfect for a stylish vintage wedding, and can include catering, dressing up boxes, craft activities and treasure hunts. They even have a sleepover tent with story time, milk and camp beds set up in magical tents with fairy lights and soft music until the children are collected at the end of the wedding, run by trained professionals. To find out more, visit 61 Love Vintage. Love Weddings.